Letter 03: Transformation

It has been over a year and a half since I created my two best friends and put them in the nineteenth century settings. Over the span of two months I kept rewriting my first three stories into English, when I felt like doing so. Enjoy, if you can.

Don’t copy it anywhere, as it is my original work, written for my own entertainment. It’s also factually off, consisting of many mistakes, errors and bad grammar, not mentioning poor wording as English is foreign language to me and my brain cell is very slow in processing stuff. Yet I enjoyed it tremendously, especially when I could sit outside on the balcony for a small portion. I will be probably editing and tinkering the text from time to time. My peripherals don’t work very well lately.

This is a scene from the first story from Charles’s point of view.

Translation 12.04.2021, revision 15.03.2022.

Words cca 2,607.



Little did I know what was at stake. I risked my life and I endangered him. We accepted the game rules. William counted on me and I counted on him.


It didn’t mean I was not afraid. My supernatural gift provided some advantages. In spite of the fact that things weren’t going well and odds turned against us.

My senseless carcass lay collapsed by the underground hall wall of a former mansion, illuminated by flickering flame of dark lantern, surviving the opening moments of the clash with my maker. I was indebted to him for my newly acquired bloodlust. And I’m about to be blamed for that.

Accelerated healing process repaired the damage in my skull, shocked by fracture from way too intimate an encounter with local austere architectural style. My blood glistened in the wall crevices, dripping to the floor.

Pupils in my blue irises reanimated with new life and uncovered a rather shocking image from the last act.

Desperate cry of pain surged through my ears and the air was pervaded by the alluring scent of fresh human blood. The heart, pumping it in the arteries, raced absolutely frightened. My enemy fully focused all his destructive attention on my friend William.

I served Will to him on a silver platter. How conceited I was…

I tried to move my arm. At first I tested my left and then my right. I didn’t expect such good news but I could move. I holstered my empty Remington. Mobilising my shattered strengths I grabbed William’s orphaned revolver, laying not far, jumped up and in one smooth motion aimed, firing two shots.

Projectiles pierced the vampire’s skull and the impact energy yanked him sideways. I didn’t hesitate and pointed the gun at his heart. Two more bullets made a lot of mess under his wrecked breastbone, adding to successful trepanation he stopped moving altogether. I wasn’t very affable. Crushed bones are going to take longer to reconstruct and heal. He laid flat with his eyes wide open. I knew it wasn’t over yet. I have to destroy him. To be able to do that, William has to leave immediately.

I had no time to think about his injury. I lifted him by the lapels off the floor, already slightly weary, supporting him, so he wouldn’t collapse back. His head was limp and it took several precious seconds to wake him and force him to stay vertical.

Time changed.

„Will, you have to go.“ I told him resolutely. He stumbled beside me, leaning his free hand against the wall of the corridor, the other hand put over my shoulder. I led him as far as I could and then with a heavy heart took his hand and put it on the wall, urging him to go forward alone.

„Follow the wall, we passed the chambers. Go. Go now.“ He staggered, approaching the ceiling exit. ‚Don’t stop, go..‘ He was getting away step by step.

I returned for my explosives; a gift for my maker. I ignited the first safety fuse. I’ll get around twenty seconds on this one and a few more on the other. The military fuse burned faster and the enhanced dynamite stick cluster is going to turn everything into dust. I have two packs to make sure the work is done precisely. For peace of mind.

However the subtle movement in front of me indicated I can also be wrong. It won’t be the first time. The short window between the two explosions gave me the advantage, as I hoped, for my final departure from the scene.

My friend faltered, glancing my way.

‚No.‘ A single thought flashed in my mind.

„Go! Run!“ I put all the emphasis in that order to force him to flee. He took the meaning, turning away, pushing forward. He could barely see the two sparkling dots in the darkness, but it was enough of a warning.

His hesitation is going to have consequences.

The vampire, whom I put to sleep for at least ten seconds, was already picking up. His wounds were healing before my eyes. The blood loss was minimal.

The sparkling flames progressed close to the detonators. The enemy crossed the distance between us at supernatural speed. Same speed in which I struck his temple with the edge of my palm, avoiding his body in semicircular parry. Simultaneously to my movement I let go of one of the explosives and before it finished its elegant arc flight in the vampire’s direction, I kneeled behind the grave, sending the other message too, to make sure at least one of the explosions did the job.

The momentum trashed him against the wall. I didn’t wait for the outcome and I disappeared in the narrow passage leading to the tunnel, carved into the rock. Its presence was revealed by fresh air, flowing through the darkness of the old retreat corridor. I understood that the draft I first felt, when I came to the rotten door, had to come from somewhere and since there was no working air vent I guessed the existence of another source and I looked for it before Will did that thing with his bayonet. I could not blame him as we would be attacked in no time anyway, I only hoped I got through. At the time someone was counting on the back door exit.

A small sun was born behind my back in deafening detonations, silencing the inhuman outcry. The agony filled my ears, my mind and surged through my heart as if it was me, who was torn apart. It knocked me to my knees. The rough rocky walls merged into a blur. I didn’t expect anything like this. The connection between us died away. I was sure he was dead, he could not survive that.

The blast wave swept over me afterwards and reinforced my efforts to escape this hell as fast as possible.

I need to find William. I probed the area with my senses as if I could reach his mind. I pushed toward the light, hoping to find him alive.


The harsh daylight stung me in the eyes. Oh, I have some boundaries after all. I had to navigate over the terrain blindly. Until my eyes adapted to the new situation I read the surface with my vampiric senses, searching for any sign of Will’s presence on the surface.

I believed I could connect with his mind from a great distance and not only because of the exchange.

I reached the crater, which was covered in rubble. I checked the desolated area thoroughly for signs of life. I didn’t miss anything. The mayhem was phenomenal and the reach alarming. The corridor didn’t exist any more and the fallen tree itself looked very dishevelled. A sting of panic squeezed my chest. I couldn’t let it overtake me. I took a deep breath to suppress it and to focus on the outside world.

A slight scent of fresh blood reached my senses, followed by the faint presence of another mind. I’ve noticed an inert silhouette of a man laying on his back, in moss, which grew around the tree. I crossed the battlefield in no time, sliding next to the body in the shallow bowl-like ditch.

I held my breath, focusing on his weak heartbeat. My look darted from his senseless glassy eyes, over his badly injured neck to the torn garments and back. He didn’t make it.

„William.“ I whispered, still somewhat sane and content. But I felt a cold grasp of fear I had no power to face. It was squeezing the last hope in its freezing claw, making it disappear. I removed my gloves and gently touched the bare skin above his heart, feeling his life fading.



My cogs were spinning hard. Do I have the right to change him? Should I try? Can I do that to him? My hand was shaking.

He drifted away, eliciting no reaction.

„William, can you hear me?“ I repeated once more. Something inside me cracked and shattered into pieces. I felt a single tear droplet circling over my face, dripping down to his cheek as I was leaning over, searching for the signs of conscious mind presence. His hazel eyes remained lifeless.

I slipped my hand under his shoulders and behind his head, lifting him high enough to face him. Time was almost up, I had to decide now. Can I live without him?

Warm, crimson fluid covered my hands. He was injured by flying debris. It sliced him into ribbons and his blood trickled freely from the wounds.

I let his head turn aside by its own weight, baring the vulnerable pulsing spot under his jaw. I’ve felt the pressure in my upper canines, making their appearance. If I’m about to do it, I have to do it now.

„Forgive me.“ I whispered. I knew what needed to be done. I didn’t need guidance. My lips touched his smooth skin and my sharp fangs cut through the artery at once. Feeling no reaction at all forced me to embrace him even harder. His sweet blood filled my mouth, its power struck me once again deep in my core, spreading in the farthest corners of my being, intoxicating me, driving me mad. Yet I knew what I was doing and my instincts commanded me to stop, when his own heart slowed its pace significantly. And I obeyed.

His blood circled in my system as I held his limp body, watching his slightly parted lips, feeling his shallow breath. To finish what I’ve started I gently rested his head on my thigh as I needed to free both my hands. I pierced the skin on my right wrist. The pain felt surprisingly sharp. I’m softy after all.

I pulled his teeth apart and let my blood seep into his mouth, hoping there’s a will to live in him left.

„Drink.“ I encouraged him, sending a telepathic impulse in his brain.

No reaction whatsoever.

My blood flowed from the corner of his mouth freely, trickling to the dark brown wavy hair and over the neck uselessly.

„Am I doing it wrong?“ His eyes turned to his head and his body sagged so I had to grab his hair to hold him in place.

„William.” I forced my wound to his lips once more.

„Do not give up.“ If he won’t be drinking on his own…

‚Don’t give up.‘ And then I felt his lips touching my wound as he finally accepted what I offered. My other telepathic impulse reached an answer. I’ve sensed his desire to live, empowered by my blood he drank from me, reaching the deliverance with every drop, which left my veins.

His newly born instincts took over and animated his hands, grasping my wrist tight so I could not move my lifeline away. He couldn’t help it. I leave it be as I wanted him to live. I didn’t care what was about to happen to me.

Sudden dizziness forced me to let go of his hair and lean onto the wet moss, a moan left my mouth unintentionally, stopping his efforts.

„Don’t stop.“ I tried to encourage him, but my voice sounded thin.

„You gave me enough, Charlie.“ He turned his head away from my wrist and opened his eyes. He pressed my hand to his chest tenderly. I’ve seen his amazed expression. Is his experience as striking as mine? I focused on him, watching his aura shine in sky blue shade, same as mine. I was able to observe the changes in him in real time. His skin smoothed and softened, his hair lost the silver strands and his eyes were so lively and beautiful as in his younger years, I didn’t expect such a quick change. My gift proved to be very powerful, indeed.

„Very intensive for the first time, isn’t it?” I smiled at him, knowing he doesn’t hate me for what I’ve done. His fingertips brushed over the wet trail on my face gently in a caressing gesture.

„I thought you’re dead.“ He whispered to me. I wiped the blood droplet from the corner of his lips in return.

„I was lucky enough to discover the hidden emergency exit behind the wall. We didn’t see it. The draft pointed me in the right direction. I got out as quickly as possible. I was sure you won’t make it out. I could only hope. The aftermath was truly terrifying and then I saw your inert body. You got out…“ My voice betrayed me once more.

„Not on my own. I made a mistake. My demise was inevitable. I paid the highest cost.“ He confessed. He didn’t have to. We’ve risked so many times already.

„Yes. You paid greatly. I couldn’t let you go, I couldn’t let that happen.“ I was searching for the right words to express my feelings towards him.

„A vampire’s kiss.“ He noted and gently palmed my wrist. The two small puncture marks were still bleeding, healing way too slowly.

He wasn’t one of those who get easily discouraged or scared off.

„My apologies. I gave you everything I could.“ I focused on his hand, stating that fact as dramatically as if we discussed the weather for the next day.

„Thank you. I risked everything. I’ve got no slightest chance.“ He said, feeling guilty. Well, speaking of guilt…

„Well, I brought you here with my cryptic message.“ I refused to admit such a thing as him being responsible.

„We were always there for each other, Charlie.“ But he was still unsure. „Don’t you feel sorry you lost the opportunity to find out more about yourself and why he let you go?“ It was bothering him, it didn’t have to. I have formed a theory.

„I think I was mere safety to him, being his only connection with the new unknown world I let him in. He was probably very disappointed as I didn’t meet his expectations.“ I’ve told him. „Do you feel like walking home?“ I asked him after a pause.

He nodded his head. I’ve checked his neck injury, acquired in his previous encounter. He turned his head for me. I saw no physical damage left. „You’re healing very well.“

He brushed his fingers over the spot I was referring to.

„Is it supposed to be that quick? Weren’t you off for a day?“ He asked curiously. I’ve broached the topic already so I could give him the answer.

„We did our little exchange earlier, Will. I think that’s the main reason why it works better for you.“ I explained. He gave it a thought, deciding I’m probably right about that.

„I think I can get up.“ He let go of my hand and I helped him to stand up carefully. He was strong enough so I recovered his coat from the debris and put it over his shoulders. He noticed that my head injury left a blood pool in my blond hair. I cracked my skull in the fight with the enemy and blood marked my unsuccessful attempt to prevent me from crashing into the wall.

„Charlie, your head…“ He breathed out, concerned.

„Very unfortunate, indeed.“ I touched his chin. „The only thing that actually stopped me was the fracture and it gave me some idea. Don’t trouble yourself over it. The healing process is rather slow over my donation to your cause, but it is happening and I’ll be as good as new soon enough.“ My eyes were fixed on him. „Are you ready?“ I asked him. I think we should go home.

„Always.“ He answered in his adventurous manner and we departed at once.