Letter 13: Do you like what you see?

Very short moments of intimacy between my original characters. Long time no see and I miss them, but both are on a very long vacation I believe. But I’m glad they have been with me since Q4 2019. Since you know what happened to the world. I must say they are my Comfort Characters, similar to Will and Hannibal, who came later. Anyway, let’s dive into this mostly automatic text, which appeared one evening when I could not sleep, but had this one sentence in my head forever.

Well, there is nothing overly explicit this time I think, but they like each other beyond friendship. Also excuse my potato English and enjoy.

Written 21.05.2022.

Tags for your consideration: Original characters, Totally Friends (an inside joke), Supernatural (being).

Words 762.


Do you like what you see?

„Do you like what you see?“ Charles‘ whisper brought me back from lands afar, lands we witnessed together, but enhanced by his sharp senses. We were locked in each other’s eyes for a very long moment. I felt his emotions gushing through my heart, his touch on my lips and my cheek, his soft breath as I slowly drowned in his brilliant blue eyes, playing with all blue shades of cold iceberg, sparkling with devotion and love, so clear and so deep.

I started losing my link to this realm. A pang of distant fear from a memory surfaced for a bit until it melted under his caress and calming steady voice. „Be at ease, Will. Let me guide you further.“ His lips with delicate cupid bow shaped those words, brushing me gently over my own, full ones. I breathed out the name of my companion. „Charles.“ And relaxed under his touch as always.

„Fearless.“ Charles‘ whisper echoed away as I let go of the last remnant of doubt, falling into a vivid living dream. My surroundings melted into an image of a vast plane of olden evergreen forest, above which I travelled, unaffected by elements, nor gravity disrupted my frame.

I flew along the hawk, whose feathers fluttered in the cold wind. I crossed a wide river and in one beat I disappeared in the cloud of huge soft snowflakes. The cold sensation I felt was soothing. I heard the wind roar in the distance and as I floated through dense dark clouds a new scene unrolled before my eyes. Sharp peaks of rocky mountains, blanketed with snow, zigzagged the land below and rays of setting sun pierced through to brighten up the silent country for a moment of peace. The bright orange light tickled my skin and I sensed the frail winter heat before it died out.

The moon switched places with the sun and its silver light enveloped the whole land, casting long and sharp edged shadows of buildings, cypresses and old Corinthian pillars scattered throughout rough terrain. Night animals lived in these places of abandonment and they have been seen crawling in between collapsed stone walls and around empty wells. Ancient olive trees and weathered statues of sublime beings stood still in spacious gardens, where no humans have trodden for hundreds of years.

Image turned into a sandy and rocky area. I witnessed many tombs of this forgotten city carved into the red stone of the desert hills. Many places fell apart due to the earthquake and the amphitheatre of the later nation remained silent, covered in rubble.

One more shift of the scene and I appeared in the rocky desert of a different kind, seeing my younger self at the entrance to the medical tent. Tall boy with brown curls on the head and hazel eyes in boy’s young face looking into the night, anxious yet determined to survive whatever is coming to him. I was fascinated by that picture until I noticed a field surgeon standing right behind my younger self and telling me words of comfort. Surgeon was slightly taller, blond and gifted with sharp facial features with an ethereal edge. His eyes were as cold as winter but his heart was devoted to his path.

Suddenly he looked into my eyes and smiled in recognition. At that point my eyelids shivered and I was back in our room and in our four poster bed, resting on my partner’s arm.

„Welcome back.“ The very same warm smile on Charles‘ face. „We can create a whole new world like this.“ He sounded surprised a little. Having used the power to enthral he hardly realised he can use his power to create instead. Charles‘ world sang of solitude, magnificence of nature and passing human existence and experience. On those pillars he built a world we witnessed together.

„That was breathtaking. I felt so light in my heart. Every discovery makes me wonder how far we can get with our own evolution. You are so powerful and yet you remain like the old Charles, humble and down to earth.“ I told him as he was smiling softly, brushing a few stray strands of hair aside from my forehead.

„I have no ambition to rule the crowds. And I prefer them not knowing about us too. Your company is a gift to me, the gift I treasure most.“ And then he kissed me gently, closing his eyes in ecstasy. A shivering golden aura surrounded us as a warm blanket. I felt I could linger in his embrace safely forever.