Letter 11: Surrender 18+

This one is slightly shorter than the other 18+ ones and since 2021 is not getting any better soon, I’d like to keep on keeping on. Anything that helps to stay sane (at least a little). Have fun. Read at your own risk and thank you for your visit on my obsolete blog ♥. If you need more blood and gore, please feel free to check out places like Archive of Our Own at org. There are some great fan fics and literature worth a fortune, people truly give a heart to their favorite stories.

Back in 19th century, and after the Starry Night one, but it’s hardly recognizable. This time about little exchange between Will and Charlie, while Will being still human. And again, it’s quite soft. I skipped any description of the surroundings etc. as I wrote it during the end of 2020 with braincell half asleep. English is not my first language. I’m always tinkering and correcting. As always accept my apologies for any unclear thoughts and bad grammar, though, and enjoy the rest. Do not copy or repost my work, since it’s my original.

Written 02.01.2021, revised 16.03.2022.

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Tags for your consideration: Original Character, Mature, Alternate Universe, Male Slash (M/M), Bisexual, Gay, Romance, Soft, Vampire, Blood, Supernatural, NSFW, adult, nudity.

Words cca 1,476.



Dopis díl 11 2020-12-23 Surrender 18+

by Lenka Trin Voráčková www.dark-vision.cz trinity.domain@gmail.com

„I had cut myself.“ I pointed out, stranded, tilting my head. I was clumsy while shaving my chin.

„I know.“ His breath tickled my skin.

Charles was kissing my neck gently, slowly brushing his soft lips over my pulse. I felt a shivering sensation ticking through my nerve endings, spreading its threads from the point of interest.

„I know what you want.“ I said calmly. He stopped and pushed me up to the heavy mahogany table effortlessly, adjusting himself between my thighs. His deep blue eyes locked with my hazel ones. Both his hands followed the curve of my athletic body, feeling every muscle underneath and stopped at the dip of my slim waist. He held me firm. His face looked a little pained. A lock of his curled blond hair fell over his sharp eye.

“What do I want?” He asked. His voice was low and steady. Maybe I crossed the line. It could be a little unfair, thinking about my words. Charles was restraining himself since his acquisition of his special condition and I teased him way too much. Teasing a vampire might prove fatal.

“What do I want, William?” His hold of me loosened and he stepped back just enough to encourage an action on my part. My hands speared up and I cupped his face in my palms, caressing him with my fingertips. His bonny face leaned into my touch and he closed his eyes for a moment, covering my hands with his.

“To take me. I want to feel it. I want to feel you under my skin.” I whispered. My heart rate picked up speed.

“Do you desire pain? From me?” He asked, eyes still closed. His touches carefully mapping my hands. He was towering over me, waiting. Waiting for my approval?

“I must admit I did not expect that one. I am content with a more traditional way. You are risking yourself, Will, you know that.” He was now back in my closest proximity. I pressed myself against his well toned body, feeling his very presence with all my senses. I know that my honest invitation was very much appealing and hard to refuse.

“I acknowledge that. I also understand it can be quite a sensuous experience even for you. You cherish me, because I am still human. You love the danger of our love making and the possibility of taking me in you in a much more interesting way. You are starved for it as I was starved for your touch. We both wish to reach for the extended adventure, losing ourselves in each other’s arms. I trust you, Charles.” My heart was drumming.

“My dear Will..” I disappeared in his careful embrace, locking my lips with his, tasting his tongue, feeling his sharp fangs, which descended a little. He was in control most of the time and he never kissed me before with his corner teeth ready to deliver damage. I sincerely hoped he trusts me enough in my determination to let him go feral.

He tenderly opened my collar and unbuttoned my white shirt to gain access to my throat and the collarbone under the delicate cloth, covering me with slow kisses. I occasionally felt his sharp fangs crossing the skin in several sensitive spots. The arousing expectation of inevitable outcome sharpened my perception. I arched a little, breathing heavily, my eyes went hazy. His embrace tightened.

He slipped his right hand behind my neck, supporting my head, his other hand smoothed along my spine down to my lower back. His hips between my thighs shifted, half lifting me up so he was able to lay me on the table. I felt its hard and cold surface pressed against my body.

My arms wrapped him firmly. His deep kisses melted my defensive mechanisms one by one. When done right I could feel the kiss in the farthest corners of my being and he was strikingly precise and tireless. I gasped for air later on, tilting my head back. He licked my exposed throat and stroked the fingers through my dark brown wavy hair and secured his strong grip. His other hand captured one of my arms and pinned it to the surface next to my head, sliding his fingers in between mine. I did not fight him at all.

And then the unexpected tremor surged through me when his fangs punctured my skin and the vein underneath it. A moan escaped my mouth as the pain let itself be quickly replaced with a pleasant feeling with a release of built up tension as he was drinking my warm blood slowly. His predatory grip relaxed a portion, he let my hand free and I caressed his hair in return, guiding him to linger a little longer.

My heart slowed down, yet the pleasure pulsing through me like a tidal wave held me in place, breathless, careless and mindless.

I don’t quite recall the events after I drowned in the currents of ecstasy. He elevated me to his lap and held me in his arms until I gathered myself together and was capable of coherent thoughts.

“William, are you with me?” He whispered to my dishevelled hair.

“Y.. yes.” I gasped.

“I went too far. Please, forgive me.”

I haltingly raised my head to meet his unsure gaze.

“Amazing.. t’was amazing, Charles..” I caressed his cheek gently. “You are beautiful.” I said shamelessly. He truly is a magnificent man.

“I am.. dangerous.” He let it escape just like that. His corner teeth are still out.

“Am I in peril, perhaps?” I asked numbly. I truly didn’t care as much as I probably should. He bent for another kiss and his lips strayed down to my throat. When his fangs unintentionally touched my bare skin again I shrugged and fainted for good. I felt a little weak. I didn’t want this to happen to me but here we were. I lay limp in his strong arms yet again. Being conscious I would pretty much enjoy it tremendously. I am that hopeless when it comes to him.

“Will..” My name escaped with his soft breath. He eased me down to some flat and soft surface. My own weakness didn’t startle me as it probably should also. My sense for self-preservation dissolved under his influence and touch. He truly was dangerous too. But I can live with that. My rotten heart ached for him no matter what he had become. I was aware of that part. I just felt sorry I came too late.

“Will, can you hear me, Will?”

I’ve heard him talking to me in his soft and steady voice, he used to talk to wounded soldiers back in the war, when he was a respectable surgeon and the best one. His hand palmed my neck and his thumb gently caressed my jaw. He embodied all the patience in the world.

“I’ll need all the liver if you want to keep such pace, Charles.” I tried a carefree tone to let him know my brains are up and running.

“Anything.” He answered with a sigh of relief.

“All right. Stay with me then.” I captured his hand just before it disengaged. He smiled at me in return.

“I can do that.” He supported my head and bent to kiss my lips, then stretched himself right next to me. When I adjusted in his arms to reach his kisses again I realised, after checking the bed canopy, we are in his own room and not mine. A forethought perhaps.

“I don’t want to leave you tonight.” He reassured me when he noticed I noticed.

“Then don’t.” And our lips connected again in a long, gentle, deep kiss. I started to melt again under his passionate attention, he truly is tireless.

“Let me heal you, Will.” He whispered to my mouth, smoothing his hand over my chest and back up to my neck, where he left two little marks earlier, still slightly bleeding. I watched him dreamily, nodding indistinctively. Charles simply bit his lower lip and let the blood colour my mouth. Few crimson drops dripped from the wound onto my lips and I instinctively licked it off. It tasted quite sweet and somewhat different from what I knew blood normally tastes like. I took it in, watching his expression flooded with warm feelings. An arousing fire went through my throat, pulsing pleasantly through my body until it ticked off eventually. I gave him a hazy glance and an unspoken question.

“Quite ecstatic, isn’t it?” He looked amused. “Don’t you worry. For a proper exchange I would have to go to the very edge of your life. Then give it back.” He stated, smiling. I might ask him one day to do exactly that. But for now we enjoyed each other, not thinking about the upcoming days and decisions to be made.