Letter 10: Starry Night 18+

And how do you cope with all things 2020? I wish you all better days ahead.

So I dived into 18+ content once more. No violence involved (I think). Both are respectfull to each other, no mocking, no dumb remarks and all the boring things from RL. I could mark it as a science-fiction story after all. I have no clue how to describe particular acrobatics at all. It’s my third try to type something 18+ meaningful in foreign language. In short it’s a beauty and the beast fairytale.

To put it on the timeline it would go back to 1890 to the moment after Will’s recovery. I’ll have to draw a scheme one day. Do not copy or repost my work, since it’s my original.

Written 03.12.2020, revised 16.03.2022.

Age restriction: by continuing reading you agree, that you are mature enough.

Tags for your consideration: Original Character, Mature, Alternate Universe, Male Slash (M/M), Bisexual, Gay, Romance, Soft, Vampire, Supernatural.

Words cca 2,129.


Starry Night

Once I got back from the woods and made myself clean and presentable again in blood and wear and tear free shirt with trousers, it was closing to two o’clock in the morning. Cold air seeped through some window cracks in the rooms of my old little château. The night seemed calm and the sky was full of stars, flickering on a huge dark blue canvas above the autumn woods, mirroring in the placid waters of the nearby lake. Such a mesmerising image.

Only my own thoughts had been running at full speed as I let my darkness go feral and did something terrible. I was slugged in the process due to my own clumsiness. A bloodlust fogged my mind. I cannot let this happen again. Being a human I would pay the ultimate price for my audacity. Yet I was alive. And the simple truth about myself once again struck me in the core.

My dear friend William, whom I left in the house recovering from his own struggles, was asleep in his chambers. Still so vulnerable, still a human. And I happen to be a monster from fairy tales.

I used to be a man of the world and a retired field surgeon, an overall independent soul. Yet I felt strange tonight. The last remnants of my humanity had fallen between cracks after I tracked down and discarded two other marauders from their existence. I’ve arranged a grand demise for them and, God help me, I enjoyed it.

A group of four bandits operated in the area and we were convenient targets. Two I shot when they mortally wounded Will at the front porch of my secluded mansion. Only my special condition and field training saved Will’s life. We would be their victims otherwise. I wore myself thin lately and had to replenish my own strengths, make sure he’ll be safe within my vicinity.

I visited his room and found him peacefully sleeping in the mahogany four-poster bed. I was sure he was capable of defending himself. I wouldn’t leave him if not. His revolver lay on the bedside table, loaded and cocked, ready to use. I wondered if he would get a chance to do so. My own footsteps didn’t disturb him a tiny bit.

He didn’t even change his clothes. He must have fallen asleep suddenly or wanted to be fully geared for a damage delivery if necessity comes. He was still wearing his evening outfit. Light white shirt with dark brown waistcoat and his dark trousers with braces. Very neat.

I lit the small kerosene lamp, because I wanted to talk with him. We already had our share of trauma and joy also. I was sure he wouldn’t mind waking him up at this hour. His chest was moving slightly. A yellowish light touched his face, his long lashes shivered as he opened his eyes. I sat at his bedside and gave him some time to regain awareness. He narrowed his eyes in the dim light and numbly checked for the gun.

„Will, it’s all right, you won’t need that.“ I whispered, gently touching his hand. He finally recognized me, fully awake.

„What troubles your mind, Charles? My apologies. I fell asleep. There were no fireworks tonight. What is the time anyway?“ He asked, declining back to the pillow. His shoulder length dark brown wavy hair went loose, the black ribbon unravelled.

„Two A.M.“ I announced.

„Oh. So.. what’s wrong? You don’t wander in my quarters just to chat about the weather.“ His brown eyes with gold and green colours in them watched me wittingly. „Something to do with your hunt?“

„With everything.“ I confessed.

„Speak freely. You know me and I think I know you a little bit.“ He sat upright, adjusting the pillow pile behind his back. He also fished the untangled ribbon from his hair and placed it next to the revolver.

„I..“ I had to take some air in. He patiently waited.

„So much has changed.“ I thought about wording. „I’m a monster.“ And let it out.

„No, not a monster.“ He covered my hand with his. I felt his warm skin on mine. My sensitive receptors sent a delightful impulse into my brain.

„Since my change I murdered four people and almost lost the one person I cherish most.“ I stated some facts and noticed something cold lurking in my voice.

„In self-defence.“ He said confidently.

„I can be a threat even to you. I know nothing about my powers. I’m afraid of what I might become.“ I was worried and let’s face it, scared.

„I was drunk earlier but serious. I won’t leave you alone to be devoured by your inner demons. I’ll risk it willingly. I wish to stay by your side, let me make my choice. I should have come sooner..“

„I want you to be safe.“

„Being safe is utterly boring, don’t you think?“

„Will, you are one of a kind.“

„Yes, that’s me. I’m just getting myself in all kinds of distress in ill thought-out situations.“ Corners of his mouth curled in a mischievous smile. „Actually, I might be getting myself into such a situation right now.“ He gently stroked my curly blond hair, also secured with black velvet ribbon. I didn’t move away as I found his gesture heart warming and not at all surprising.

„There is more behind those blue eyes of yours, Charles. Once you choose freedom and I’m choosing mine also.“ And then he leaned towards me and his soft lips kissed mine. A tethering sensation flooded my mind. I smelled the delightful aftershave on his skin and I was marked by it. My senses went sharp and sensitive. I was so aware of his red pulsing life under his lethally chiselled jaw line. It felt very different from those predatory urges I let loose in the woods.

My heart have been racing when I took him in my arms and kissed him back, feeling every bit of his tongue and his lips. It sent all the good feelings into correct centres throughout my being. I didn’t hesitate and I didn’t stop. He was so beautiful to me and so fragile. I would crush him easily in a blind madness, I’ll have to be careful.

I felt his muscles move under my touch. A weak moan escaped through his lips when my kisses strayed down his neck. Vulnerable and delicate.

I pressed him back into the pillows, adjusting myself in between his thighs. I held his hands pinned above his head with just a slight pressure of a few fingers and started to undo his flies, working through all the layers between my left hand and his bare skin.

„I don’t want to break you..“ I whispered, winded. „Unless.. it’s what you want.“

„I want you, Charles..“ I could tell he did. His own voice sounded strangled. The drumming of his heart filled my ears. I freed his hands and his palm touched my cheek immediately after. My fingers brushed the dip of his waist as my hand skated down the curve of his body.

My other hand curled around his hard cock gently and I moved down to tease him with my tongue. I bet he didn’t see that coming. The tip was wet already when I took him into my mouth, sucking him softly and licking his length up to a sensitive end, topping it with a wet kiss. I lipped him into my mouth again, deep into my throat. It was easy for me as I had no need to breathe regularly. His body arched in response. A frail breath escaped his exquisitely pursed lips and his left hand speared into my hair, the other lost somewhere on the headboard, searching for whatever support he could discover. He enjoyed himself, closing his eyes in ecstasy.

The clothes were in the way. I wanted to feel his skin, his heat radiated from his body already. I stopped for a few moments. It elicited a sigh and he peered back at me, wanting to know what I am about to do. I unbuttoned the rest of the layers, pulling and throwing everything away. He did manage to open my shirt while I was on him, but I didn’t let him go any further. He watched me with glassy dreamy eyes. I kissed him tenderly and took him in my mouth again, teasing and licking the most sensitive areas along the way to the hilt. He sharply inhaled, when I reached the crown of his cock again and then pulled him in deeper, brushing with my free hand’s nails over his flat belly, finding my way down, circling my middle finger around his rim, wet already from all my effort.

„Yes..“ He panted softly, looking at me, pleading.

I slipped in with two fingers, stroking against the sweet spot gently.

It got too much for him to bear.

I could do this to him for hours, but I felt his climax coming as his hand tightened in my hair. It was too late to slow down. And who am I to leave him hanging on the edge. The clenching pulse of his orgasm started afterwards.

„Oh, God.. Charles.“ He was capable to gasp his deepest thoughts out before the pleasure swayed him into another dimension completely and the waves of sensation flushed over his sweaty body. It gave him goosebumps. I supported his bum when he squirmed under my touch, held him and sucked him through his vertigo ride. I licked off the last drop and kissed his inner thighs before I moved away.

Yet he pulled me closer, kissing me in return, tasting himself from my tongue. I held him in embrace as he basked in the afterglow, still somewhat thirsty. When our lips parted I had to ease down. I caressed his cheek, whispering. „Give me a moment.“ Hugging him firmly around his neck and shoulders.

His heart rate slowed to normal level, his breath tickled me under my chin. My fangs were prominent and I dared to move for a couple of minutes. He didn’t move either but for a different reason. He was pleasantly tired after all.

I would seduce him into a more violent experience or don’t ask for permission at all. I had to learn how to endure myself and my nature. But I think I managed quite well.

„I’m so very sorry, Charles, I didn’t come out sooner.“ He was mumbling to my collarbone. My hand was smoothing up his back’s naked skin. He was such a vulnerable being, so very human, it made my heart ache for him even more. How could I live without him for so long? Was I blind? I touched his scar, where the bullet left his chest. A sudden pain surged through my ribs.

„We are equally troubled over this, yet no force on Earth can undo changes within me. Life is so precious. Now more than ever. And love is so beautiful. You are beautiful. Treasure what you have.“ I whispered to his dishevelled hair.

„I want to have you.“ He bent his neck to look up into my hazy eyes.

„You have me.“ I reassured him. „You can have me..“

„Your fangs..“ He mentioned my situation, even then the sleepiness crawled into his voice. His fingertips touched my upper lip. There was no fear in his eyes.


„Are you going to hurt me?“ He asked numbly. More rhetorically. I kissed him in his palm.

„No.“ And then I kissed his forehead, brushing his hair gently from his eyes.

I covered him with a blanket. It was truly late or way too soon and the corner roundish tiled stove radiated only a little heat. I could feel the autumnal draft going through my house. I held Will close enough to enjoy his presence without restricting his movements. His hand touched my chest, his head rested on my shoulder, he drifted to the dreamland with indistinctive words. I understood he trusted me.

I think we reinforced our mutual trust a lot these past days on many intimate levels. Our lives have been a crazy roller-coaster ride since he arrived in the Scottish wilderness and I delighted every peaceful moment spent in his proximity.

I also witnessed a slight golden aura, shivering over my skin, where I was in direct contact with his body. I wondered what it might mean. It might have something to do with my affection towards him. Is this how we can see it? Will he be able to see it one day? My gears were speeding again and I had to force myself to take a break for a change. And I did. I fell asleep shortly after. I enjoyed nightmare free dreams and it felt marvellous.