Povídka: Dopis 07: I Fell For You 🔞 AU – EN

I dived into another Alternate Universe story. As always it should not be part of the main story but I like to discover new possibilities.

I wrote the main story a year earlier. Starting in 19th century it switched to dark era after the Great Crash. But I didn’t describe anything significant to that in this one. Also they kept all clothes on. It’s even softer than soft. English is not my first language. I’m always tinkering and correcting. Accept my apologies for any unclear thoughts and bad grammar, though, and enjoy the rest.

Age restriction: by continuing reading you agree, that you are mature enough.

Tags for your consideration: Original Character, Mature, Alternate Universe, Male Slash (M/M), Bisexual, Gay, Romance, Soft, Vampire, Supernatural.

Words cca 2,155.


I Fell For You

„Shouldn’t we go inside?“ I was leaning against the balustrade on his mansion’s second floor. The night was calm around us and I held him in a firm embrace, so desperately, as he would disappear any second. His soft lips kissed my neck with a sensual pain, pulsing from two distinctive spots where his fangs went through my skin.

I narrowed my eyes to slits, gasping. „Oh, Charles..“ He had some idea about going inside himself. I could float on that striking feeling forever, or at least to the moment of consciousness loss. I was already melting in his arms when he withdrew, supporting my suddenly heavy head. Whispering to me. „Stay with me.“ He lifted me up to the railing and steadied me with his left hand hugging my waist.

I managed to keep myself vertical, holding onto his shoulder. He was so pleasingly close. I was drowning in his beautiful iceberg-blue eyes, shining in the moonlight. I fell for him. I fell for him a long time ago. It seemed to be a very slow dawn. Before that we were very close friends. So I thought. Love exists in many shades of colours and it can transform over time, grow or change completely.

His porcelain white cheeks flushed pink with blood intake and his velvety soft lips whispered my name. „William, how do you feel?“ His voice was so soothing. I caressed his short blond hair, brushed over his temple with my fingertips and cupped his jaw.

„You know what it does to me. How it sharpens my senses while my will is dissolving into nothingness. I possess very much the strongest affection towards you.“ I expressed myself, trying to make sense.

„Don’t be afraid to say that.“ Gentle smile with a trace of dimples.

„I love you, Charles.“ I wasn’t afraid.

He kissed me in response. I tasted my own blood from his lips and his tongue. My sharp canines descend a little in a very inhuman desire, luring me dangerously close to his neck veins, the very spot under his perfectly carved jaw, pulsing with warm life, rushing under his soft skin. I heard his heartbeat quicken, yet he halted all the movements when I brushed gently over the smaller artery with my fangs, leaving only the thinnest cut behind, colouring with ruby drops, which looked almost black under the starry night to the human eyes.

The light spilling over us from the balcony door, painted a golden aura around his head and his neckline, he looked ethereal, yet he was a living being. A creature of blood. 

I licked away all the drops I drew and redirected my attention back to his sweet lips. He wasn’t quite ready to let me through, unlike me.

I enjoyed it way too much. But what’s too much for a vampire? I didn’t feel overpowered in a wrong way, when he gave me his vampiric kiss. It was the most sensual experience rendering me helpless and excited at the same time. I lived for it.

I was wondering if it was the same for him.

„Yes.“ He whispered to my lips. „As I told you we can feel a lot more, very intensively. It’s our nature, Will.“ His voice sounded a little shaky as he was speaking over fast and shallow breathing.  I was satisfied that it was my doing. Few more steps..

He hugged me and pulled me closer to his chest. His heart’s rhythm was strong and steady, beating against mine.

„Come with me.“ And as he spoke, balcony and the whole mansion disappeared and we found ourselves floating in the air right above the silver surface of the nearby lake. The moon glistened in the water depths below. A dizziness from a sudden change took me for a few seconds but I recovered soon enough to see his own satisfied face expression. I witnessed this stunt in the past half aware. It really surprised me when fully awakened.

My senses sharpened as in a danger and then he bit me again without any warning. A moan left my mouth. I grasped his jacket at the abrupt sharp pain, diving my nails deep in his flesh. It hit me hard and to the farthest corners of my being, resonating with pleasure, entangled within the incoming climax, radiating from several sensitive spots, clashing in my very core. I stopped thinking and existing altogether for a few moments. And he didn’t stop.

The waters reflected two supernatural lovers in embrace and the night spread its black wings over us, protecting us from the eyes of all.
He withdrew by retracting his corner teeth yet his lips didn’t leave my skin at all, he held me in his arms and stroked through my dark brown curly hair. I started breathing regularly and my pulse settled down a little. He waited till the wound knit itself up and healed.

„Take it back.“ The softest of whispers. Slight breeze ran through his hair as he met my eyes. His were even more blue than before and endless depths mirrored the stars. „It will make you stronger.“

„Are we safe?“ I wanted to be sure for a reason. He turned us slowly counter-clockwise so I observed the woods all around the lake and the manor, shining with few lit windows behind the tall spruce trees.

It was his answer.

I didn’t feel my weight at all. I could only wonder how he does it. I let it dissolve in the darkness of the night.

„No doubts. Don’t be afraid, Will.“ He released me from his firm embrace. A human fear from inevitable fall struck me immediately. I was sure I’d end up in the lake. Not that cold water can do me any harm. Not at all. When I realised gravity didn’t take me down, I let go and held only his hand. Such experience was truly otherworldly. It felt almost like swimming in the current but without the pressure. It felt peaceful.


„It’s in our nature as unnatural it seems. There is not enough knowledge to explain ancient secrets yet.“ He entangled his fingers in between mine.

„It’s beautiful.“ I was speechless and then I took back what was mine. My corner teeth punctured his neck artery, went through like a sharp scalpel in a hand of an experienced surgeon and as precisely. His sweet blood flooded my mouth and I didn’t let a single crimson drop escape. The tension in his frame weakened as I was taking his life to subsidize mine. A frail moan left his throat in protest but I ignored it for a few long moments. And it felt very good.

I wished to be back in the manor and there we were. I let his body leave my arms and lay gently in the duvets in his bedroom. I realised it was me holding us above the ground for the past few minutes. I also stopped myself long before I sucked him dry. I crossed a line and rendered my friend unconscious.

„No, you didn’t.“ He opened his eyes, resting them on my face. I was leaning over him, waiting for his return. I wasn’t worried much. His pulse was very much stable and went strong. He touched my cheek and smiled. „You know what it does to me.“ These were my own words and the reassuring answer to my curious question about how he felt when I let my inner vamp go feral.

„It feels very intense. The exchange is incredibly sensual and powerful. I can imagine it can be very fatal in some cases.“ Meaning humans.

„No. You’ll sense how far you can go. I went through that with you, Will.“

„Could you miss the point of no return?“ I already knew, I just desired to hear it from him again.

„I couldn’t.“ And with that statement he kissed me, pulling me down to him as close as possible. „I wouldn’t let it happen.“

I surrendered as he rolled on top of me, pinning my hands to the sheets above my head.

„My soft spot for you was always the size of La Manche.“

„You are free spirit. You always were.“ Remembering his life story I smiled once he let me take some air in. „But such a thing makes us vulnerable.“ It wasn’t the best moment to be worried about future, I knew that. But the last experience proved I was right.

„I cannot help it.“ He addressed his choice of freedom with a good old confidence.

„Neither can I.“ I lived for this moment of intimacy. And we cannot predict the future, can we? Any kind of worry just takes away the joy from the present.

He released my hand to be able to cup my face and caress my neck with his fingertips.

„What is going to happen to us?“ I asked, believing he knows the answer.

„Anything you desire, Will.“ He was playing with my vest and shirt buttons. Above my heart, where his next kiss landed, the skin felt very sensitive. Two projectiles went through that spot earlier, leaving me helpless. We were supposed to die together, I was sure of that. But we were spared in the end.

„You’ll have to stop apologizing, Charles.“

„Should I stop then? I’m responsible.“

„No, don’t stop with what you’re doing..“ I let the words escape with my suddenly stranded breath. He could be very gentle when inspired to be so.

A tethering golden aura shivered and disappeared where his lips touched me. The unearthly light grew stronger the longer he was giving me his pure undisturbed attention. My vampiric eyesight enhanced the experience beyond human reality. The existence itself started to dissolve again, being dismantled in a tingling waves of familiar feeling, radiating from the very core of mine to the last nerve ending and I was yet again weightless, mindless, melting under him, when his light sank into my physical self, tenderly healing any remaining injuries from my latest encounter.

A serene feeling settled in my heart afterwards. I held him close, our limbs entangled around each other’s body. I sensed it somehow depleted his energy, so I let him rest his head on my left shoulder. I focused on his breathing as he slowly drifted away, shutting down his mind for a little while. His aura was blue again, shining through his skin, almost as intense as the very first moment after my transformation, when he gave me the rare gift of another life.

I wondered if he was aware of the healing properties of the golden shivering power, the embodiment of our affection and love. If he felt it too whenever I touched him. I didn’t understand at first what it was, but seeing the gold light, emanating around him, made me comfortable every time I witnessed such an event.

‚I’m aware.‘ He raised his head a little to meet my hazel eyes. ‚It can be somewhat exhausting. Apologies for blacking out.‘

I cupped his fingers touching my chest under my right palm. ‚You literally gave me your life – twice. Please don’t apologize for anything. You couldn’t know he’ll come back from the dead, slugging me like that.‘ I was referring to the fact that his maker was very much alive and in need to deliver a message to Charles. He used me for that and as a result I lost a lot of blood and therefore prevented my friend in intercepting Adrien d’Aumont to the ends unknown. There are greater forces than us. I never thought I was the invincible apex predator before. And I’m not starting now. It would be foolish on my part.

‚You’ll need to replenish your strengths, Charles.‘ I would feel better if he did it now.

‚Don’t risk yourself. We still have some cans from a good doc.‘ Yet, he was not in a hurry.

‚Alright.. I love you, Charles.‘ I sent a telepathic impulse as a response. We cuddled together for a little bit longer.

‚I love you too, Will.‘ Resonated in my head, before he drifted back to the deep unconscious sleep.

I tucked him in the duvets some time later and went for his Webley-Fosbery revolver he left in the main hall with the blazing hearth. I also took one amber medicinal bottle with crimson contents so when he wakes up it will be ready to serve. I lay down next to him on a big pillow supporting my back. Gun’s safety disengaged, hammer cocked. I held it in my right hand, resting it in on my lap, just to be sure. Not that it helped against a particular persona but I still felt safer with a good gun on my side.

I watched his peaceful sleep until my own eyes closed themselves shut. And I dreamed again. I dreamed about us, about the vast seas and tall buildings at the ocean’s shores.