Letter 07: I Fell For You 18+

I dived into another spicy story. As time went by I rewrote the whole thing and created a Director’s cut version, so from 2 155 words it jumped up to 6 704 words for the story. I rewrote it in June and July 2021. Mainly for fun, but the process itself is very elaborate, consisting of a lot of work.

This is overly extended version from the first one and it goes on and on, written later after I typed down the first ten stories and after I translated the first three into English.

I wrote the main story in 2019. Starting in 19th century it switched to dark era after the Great Crash. But I didn’t describe anything significant to that in this one. English is not my first language. I’m always tinkering and correcting. Accept my apologies for any unclear thoughts and bad grammar, though, and enjoy the rest. Do not copy or repost my work, since it’s my original and they are my very own comfort chars.

Written 15.10.2020, revised 16.04.2022.

Age restriction: by continuing reading you agree, that you are mature enough.

Tags for your consideration: Original Character, Mature, Male Slash (M/M), Bisexual, Gay, Romance, Soft, Vampire, Supernatural, Sex Scenes, Bloodplay.

Words cca 6,704.


I Fell For You

„Aren’t we hopeless?“ I asked the general air and my friend Charles.

„Yes, we are, Will.“ He answered me once I restored my dignity by removing excess blood, covering most of my face, tossing aside my waistcoat and button-up shirt, which was enhanced with additional vent holes above my heart. The third bullet penetrated my skull and sent me into oblivion for a few precious seconds, for which I didn’t feel a thing done to my physical self.

My supernatural abilities brought me back some time after. I couldn’t leave my friend behind, yet I was sure that the choice was there, waiting in dark places. I made a promise and I keep my promises.

Was it sheer luck, last moment decision or an intricate plan to corner us and then release us? I will never know for sure. Adrien departed promptly, leaving my emptied revolver, he shot me with, on the hallway hardwood floor.

I spent some time submerged in hot water I filled the copper bathtub with. One would say that I don’t need such a treatment. Being a vampire I should be tough, merciless and despise hygiene, but I felt marvellous, soaking in the warmth, enjoying every single bit of it. Vampires are sensitive creatures too.

Charles took over the blood pool in the main hall and made it disappear as best as he could. We switched places for a period of time and I kept an eye on the fire, going in the big ornate hearth.

It suited the little manor with its tall ceilings, reaching above the second floor, well. Wood panelled walls and glass cabinets with my friends‘ artefact and weapon collections dwelled in the shadows.

The evening turned into night, when Charles left his room in fresh clothes. He used to wear a plain white button-up shirt with black waistcoat over it and trousers with a pair of braces, everything tailored to the needs of his tall, athletic body. His curly blond hair was cut short and combed back neatly. He preferred a clean shaven face even in the old days. It made his brilliantly blue eyes stand out. His face was gracefully carved with slightly sharp angles at cheekbones and jawline. He resembled an ethereal timeless being.

I, on the other hand, was a few inches shorter than him. My hair was wavy and of dark brown colour. My eyes were hazel, mostly, with shades of amber, gold and green, which often dominated in the moments of distress or excitement, betraying me to those who knew. I was of similar frame, on the lean side, but well-toned in build. I always cared about good looks, because it made me feel good, there’s nothing deep about it.

The final moments of my human existence made my rejuvenated features permanently sealed in the body and face of a twenty-five years old lad. What a lucky course of events, right? Yet, the reality of such a change is a lot more frightening and can be difficult to go by in one’s life, when wrong people start to notice one doesn’t age. That is what dragged us from good old London to the northern wilderness. We have to regroup and think about our future. As before, we might depart to the States for a while. I still felt somewhat indecisive, but we might find a solution to this knotty problem of ours, before the next catastrophe strikes us.

In the meantime I handed a tumbler, filled with whisky generously, to Charles, postponing any heavy thinking for later.

„To us.“ I raised a toast, watching little flames dancing in his eyes, indulging myself in a drink.

„Indeed. To us.“ He tasted his booze, wetting his lips slightly. He hesitated, as several thoughts ran through his brain and then he turned his glass bottom up, going all mediaeval, making the drink disappear in one sitting. So, without a further due I refilled his tumbler.

„Thirsty, my dear fellow?“ I asked him the obvious, amused. We loved our evenings together, drinking and discussing matters. Being not interrupted by bloody intermezzo, we would be several bottles shorter on provisions. It really didn’t affect us in a wrong way. We are capable of rendering any substance harmless. It makes my senses even more perceptive sans the numbing effect on the mind.

He studied my face.

„Always.“ With a very subtle smile he departed to his favourite leather armchair in front of the fireplace. I parked myself in the other one and as many evenings before, we enjoyed the crackling noise of the burning logs and warmness enveloped us in the cold autumn night.

„How do you feel about his farewell?“ I asked my partner in crime to assure myself I’ve read the message correctly.

„What can I say? He is a rather strong independent individual, but being a misfit is a very lonesome experience. We agreed upon that fact at the very beginning of this journey. If he doesn’t need anyone, why contact us at all? He was following you around London, mightily curious. He could easily arrange my demise. Instead he strikes now, putting me in my place by hurting my weakest spot, then departing. So, what is the message? ‚Here I am, I possess some knowledge, but you were naughty, goodbye.‘? He’s probably as insecure as any of us youngsters, but I don’t see into his mind. We live and we know about one another who share the same fate. It can be dangerous unless he counts on our intelligence. Maybe we’ll hear from him one day in the future, don’t you think?“

„I must agree. I’ve heard what he had to say. I can’t say I forgive him for what he had done to me. He has some temper, though. I just wished… I would like to close this chapter for good or at least for now.“ I touched the bridge of my nose. Just thinking about a hot bullet surging through my skull made my temples hurt.

„It is closed then.“ He passed his hand across my arm gently.

„Thanks.“ I produced a smile and emptied my tumbler, going for a refill. The small bar area on the left of the fireplace provided a best selection of single malt whisky, originating from Highlands.

I remember getting myself very incoherent on one of our trips back in the days. Charles was there to provide moral support while testing samples. He’s been buying from a few selected distilleries since then. The whisky itself tasted rather sweet, with a tint of heather-honey and felt very silky in mouth.

The glowing amber fluid splashed in the glass as I poured it in and as always I took the bottle with me and placed it where it belonged, onto a small octagonal table in between us.

„I miss the old days too. So many things have changed over the decades.“ He approved.

„And some didn’t. I can feel the spirit of the old times in these very rooms. I wouldn’t change it, maybe a little bit of electricity would do some good, though, but that’s all, really.“ I had my mind running on a very different route finally. I was still aware of my friend’s unresolved issue. We departed from London to dive into some serious stuff, which endangered us and everyone involved too.

„Only a little bit. One may find our kind stagnant but for me it resembles home, part of me. And I’m from a different time. I’d like to keep this untouched too.“ He nodded towards the walls. „Wanna come outside?“ He asked me.

„Sure.“ I didn’t hesitate. His eyes brightened up at the prospect.

The nights in the middle of the woods were divine. The stars glistened on the water surface of the lake below the mansion. Heavy deforestation stopped far beyond Charles’s grounds and people started to understand that some protection is needed. Primaeval forest became scarce, unlike here.

We ascended the grand stairs, winding along the left wall of the main floor and crossed the balustraded hallway to the magnificent library with tall broken-arched windows. He lit a few kerosene lamps and opened the door leading to a balcony.

The cold breeze ruffled through my hair and disturbed my shirt collar as we stepped outside. The night sky was clear and full of stars, the air felt crispy cold and my breath was misting.

He stood beside me, next to the rail, observing the stars. I saw his breath too, evenly floating into the air.

„Will…“ He turned to me, reaching for my right hand. I raised it to touch his skin. As I did it a shiver of golden aura brightened the very spot on his knuckles.

„No more talking…“ He whispered, looking me in the eyes. He took my hand and pulled me closer, turning me to face him, pressing me against the top-railing. His other hand cradled the nape of my neck. I raised my head and he kissed me deeply, passionately as there was no tomorrow.

I rested my palm at the dip of his waist and grabbed a handful of fabric to keep him exactly where he was. With my eyes closed I enjoyed the soft deep kisses, which sparkled sensual shivers throughout my being. I connected my lips with his in another French kiss, feeling his tongue, letting everything suddenly unimportant dissolve in a flood of passion.

He also knew when to strike back. He made me helpless. His other hand brushed over my neck, unbuttoning my collar and first few buttons on my shirt and waistcoat. He pushed my protective layers aside as he went slowly down to my chest. Arching my back, my breath deepened. He was leaving wet trails in spots he kissed me on.

It rendered me even weaker and I worried about my instability, forming around the knee levels.

„Shouldn’t we go back inside?“ My strangled voice allowed me only to whisper.

He gave my neck life line some very thorough attention in response. I held him in a firm embrace so desperately as he would disappear any moment. His lips were leaving a sensual pain behind as they traced my throat to the pulsing spot under my jawline. Painful twinge surged through my core, originating from two distinctive wounds, where his sharp fangs cut through my skin. Narrowing my eyes I moaned his name.

„Charles…“ He had his very own idea about going inside.

I floated on that striking feeling, which seemed to be lasting forever. My senses heightened, but my body sagged in his arms. He withdrew gently, supporting my suddenly heavy head and back.

„Stay with me.“ He whispered with his lips close to my ear. I felt his warm breath on my skin, his hair tickled my cheek. I tried to keep my hazy eyes open, grabbing his waist with both my hands to steady myself between him and the railing. I was successful to a degree.

He decided it wasn’t of use and lifted me up to the hard slightly angled surface. Hugging my waist he pressed against me, pulling my thighs apart. The swift move made my heart jump. He was so pleasantly close I could feel the heat, emanating from his body. Wrapping his shoulders with my hands I managed to keep myself vertical.

I was drowning in his beautiful iceberg-blue eyes, shining in the moonlight. I fell for him. I fell for him a long time ago. It happened to be the slowest dawn ever. We were very close friends before we realised, both of us, our mutual feelings are of even deeper kind. Love exists in many shades of colours. It could transform over time and it grew into something different, changing completely.

His porcelain white cheeks flushed pink with blood intake and his velvety soft lips whispered my name.

„William, how do you feel?“ His voice was of a very soothing kind and I loved how he pronounced my name.

„You know what it does to me. How it sharpens my senses, while my will dissolves into nothingness. I possess very much the strongest affection towards you.“ I expressed myself, trying to make sense.

„Don’t be afraid or ashamed to say that.“ Soft smile.

„I love you, Charles.“ I wasn’t afraid.

He kissed me in response. I tasted my own blood from his lips and his tongue. My own fangs descended in a very inhuman desire, making me aware of a red life throbbing under his skin, alluring me with a promise of a sensual experience and immense power, which circulated in his veins. The pulsing artery under his perfectly carved jaw drew all my attention. I wanted the taste of his sweet warm blood, rushing through his body, in my mouth once more.

His heartbeat quickened, yet he halted all his movements when my canines brushed over the smaller blood vessels, leaving clear cut behind, beading with two ruby drops. I licked it clean, keeping my inner feral vampire on a tight rein. He wasn’t quite ready to let me go through, unlike me.

The light, spilling over us from the balcony door, painted a golden aura around his head and neckline, he looked otherworldly, and still, he was a living being, a creature of flesh and blood.

I enjoyed it way too much… His iron strong arms held me in a tight embrace, mapping my back in slow determined motion. But what is too much for a vampire? I didn’t feel overpowered in a wrong way. When he kissed me, drawing my life, it was the most sensual feeling, rendering me helpless in the most exciting way. I lived for it and I was wondering if he felt it like that too.

„Yes.“ He whispered to my wet lips. „It’s so intense, you know that. It’s our nature to feel more, Will.“ His voice was trembling a little as he was speaking over his fast breathing. It was my doing. Few more steps…

He pulled me closer to his chest. His heart was beating strong and steady. I love to listen to its rhythm. It is very intimate.

„Come with me.“ And as he spoke, the balcony and the whole mansion disappeared and we found ourselves floating high above the silver surface of the lake. The moon glistened in the depths below us. Sudden change of my surroundings made me dizzy, but I recovered quick enough to witness a satisfied expression, settled in his face.

I have experienced similar stunt in the past half-aware. It catched me unprepared when fully aware. My senses reacted to immediate danger, lethally sharpened to the extreme and then he bit me again. It hit me hard, surging through my nerves to the farthest corners of my being. I dived my nails in his flesh at the abrupt pain, gasping for air as the waves of it washed over me, morphing into bliss as it progressed through every single cell, gathering power to explode in one hell of a climax, clashing in my very core with the last remnants of my consciousness. I stopped thinking and existing altogether as it had no end and he kept going until I couldn’t bear it any longer.

The dark waters reflected two supernatural lovers in embrace, the night spread its black wings over us, protecting us from the eyes of all.

His sharp teeth retracted from my wounds, yet his lips still kissed my neck. He held me in his arms, stroking my hair in a calming gesture. I started breathing regularly some time later and my pulse settled down to humane levels. He disengaged once I healed.

„Take it back.“ The softest of whispers.

Fresh breeze ran through his hair as he met my glassy gaze. His eyes shone with blue flames and endless depths mirrored the stars. „It will make you stronger.“

„Are we safe?“ I wanted to be sure. For a reason.

He turned us around, counter-clockwise, so I could observe all the surroundings with the manor behind the tall spruce trees. It was his answer.

I didn’t feel my own weight at all. I only wondered how he does that.

„No doubt. Don’t be afraid, Will.“ He released me from his hands.

A human fear from inevitable fall struck me immediately after he let go. I was sure I’d end up in the cold waters of the lake. When I realised that gravity isn’t affecting me as I expected it would, I released my desperate grip, by which I made him some new bruises, and held his hand only lightly. Such experience felt truly divine. It felt like floating in the slow moving current sans the pressure. It felt peaceful.


„It’s in our nature as unnatural as it seems. But there’s not enough knowledge to unravel ancient secrets yet.“ He entwined his fingers in between mine.

„It’s beautiful.“ I looked him in his eyes and then I took back what was mine. He surrendered with a moan, when my corner teeth cut through his neck artery, like a sharp scalpel in the hand of an experienced surgeon, and precisely. It was a serious injury, taking into account what it would do to a human being. His blood flooded my mouth, my thirst didn’t let a single crimson drop escape.

The tension in his frame declined and his head lolled to his right shoulder. I was taking his life to subsidise mine. For a few more moments I ignored his utter silence, followed by a frail heartbeat, slowing down too quickly. To my darkest part it felt too damn good. Luckily, my darkest part is not in charge and I stopped myself long before I sucked him dry. Nonetheless I crossed the line.

Closing my eyes over this destruction I wished to be back home and there we were. The lamps in the library were still burning so I let his body leave my arms and rest on the velvet sofa gently. He was pale and unresponsive to his surroundings. I realised it was me who held us above the ground for the past minute or two. My beloved ended up unconscious and it was my doing.

„No… I’m not.“ He opened his eyes, resting them on my face. I was leaning over him, waiting for his return. I didn’t worry that much. His pulse ran very much stable. He touched my cheek. „You like it darker and you know what it does to me.“ These were my own words and the reassuring answer to my curious question about how he felt when I let my inner vamp go feral.

„I can see what it does to you.“ I said, apologetically, caressing his cold hand, kneeling beside the sofa.

„It feels intense… the exchange is incredibly sensual and powerful.“ His dreamy eyes still settled on me. „You are beautiful, when you’re there, in the middle of things, feeling every bit of it. It’s not very different for me, Will.“ I was glad he said that, but one part of me stood vigilant anyway.

„I can imagine it can be fatal in some cases.“ I meant humans.

„No, you’ll sense how far you can go, even with your dark desire. I went through that with you. Believe me, it would require something else to let it win.“ His feelings towards me remained intact through all these decades. Yet I was a curious creature.

„Could you miss the point of no return?“ I already knew, I just wanted to hear that from him one more time.

„I couldn’t.“ His free hand cradled my neck and he pulled me down to him for a kiss. „I wouldn’t let it happen.“ He said softly to my lips, we shared a breath and exchanged a few more elaborated kisses. „My soft spot for you is larger than you probably see.“ A smile played over his features.

„You are free spirit, you always were.“ Remembering his life story I returned a warm smile once he let me take some air in. „Such a thing makes us vulnerable.“ It wasn’t the best moment to recall some major worries about our future, I knew that. But the last experience left me scarred.

„I cannot help it, nor offer a solution.“ He addressed his choice of freedom with a good old confidence.

„Neither can I.“ I could always talk openly to him, without a worry or fear, which can take joy from the present moment if we let it. We cannot predict the future, can we? I have to be more intentional and present.

His long fingers travelled over to my thick hair and back to my cheek in slow motion. The sensation of his touch sent more shivers through my body. I wanted to feel him all over me again.

„What is going to happen to us?“ I asked, believing he knows all the answers.

„Anything you desire, Will.“ He tucked on my half-way unfastened shirt. He knew I meant something different, but played along with the situation he had read in my face.

I’ve supported his head and helped him to sit up, eventually get up from the sofa.

„Will you take care of the lamps and then join me in my room?“ He asked me before I could do anything else for him.

„Of course.“ Whatever he had in mind, had us both involved.

I thought he might visit our specialty food reserves for refill, so I turned the wick down, extinguishing the flame in the tall brass kerosene lanterns and relocked the balcony door before I crossed the floor to his quarters.

His big beautifully carved tester bed was unmade and he stood beside it. Only a small lamp with milk glass shade was lit. We didn’t need much, if any. We saw pretty well in the dark, one of the advantages of our supernatural edge. I entered the room to accompany him. I noticed his feet were bare and the waistcoat he wore, put neatly over the chair backrest by the bureau near the window.

I’ve heard his heartbeat resonate through the air of the silent room. He outstretched his left arm to take my hand, by which he pulled me closer, sliding his other hand right to my lower back, smoothing along my spine with his fingers. The pressure from both directions felt overly good. The firmness of his embrace always made me weak in my knees. I felt his muscles move, when he turned us in place, so I ended up with my back against one of the posters, which supported the bed canopy. Its uneven surface dug into my back as he hustled me effortlessly to it.

„So, what is it you desire, Will?“ He asked me in a very calm tone, like he just didn’t stir my emotions at all.

My arousal let itself known with a sharp pang under my ribs, pulse went running and my skin emitted so much heat, rising from my core, tethering in the air, I was worried I might burn him with it. He looked down at me, his long eyelashes shivering in golden light. Even without shoes, he was taller and having me riveted to the spot like that was quite easy for him to accomplish. And don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed his game tremendously.

„I… I want you to have me.“ I recalled the art of speech and verbalised my feelings, watching him dreamily.

Corners of his mouth curled into a warm smile. He leaned in for a deep kiss, with which he pushed his knee in between my thighs, capturing and securing my left leg at his hip, encouraging an action on my part. I pulled them apart to wrap them around his middle.

I had to grab the pole behind me for balance with one hand, and his shoulder with the other. He brushed against me with a thrust, making me hard in an instant. Arching my back was just a result of circumstances.

I could feel that the bulge forming on his front ain’t ruffled fabric of his trousers either. I could tell he liked my suggestion quite a lot. We detached from the pole, while keeping it intact, and fell together into his bed. He rolled on top of me, immobilising me by pinning my hands to the sheets at both sides of my head, adjusting himself carefully between my legs.

Kissing me gently he redirected his attention to my lips, my neck, the naked spot at my breastbone, feeling my drumming heart beneath. The surface felt overly tender as two bullets went through it earlier, leaving me helpless and unable to move. We were about to die, I was sure. But we were spared in the end.

„You’ll have to stop apologising, Charles.“ I breathed out.

„Should I stop then? I’m responsible.“ He raised his head.

„No, don’t stop with what you’re doing…“ I let the words escape my throat in an undertone, almost whispering the last ones as he was working his way lower, releasing my wrists, to be able to unbutton the rest of my garments. His fingertips touched my skin and his breath tickled under my belly button. He was very determined to reach my pubic bone and the prospect itself made me even weaker. I might come untouched if it will take any longer, such was his effect on me.

He noticed the signs and switched from teasing to removing my protective layers, my waistcoat, my shirt, which slit over my muscles delicately, my trousers and anything else, removed, leaving me bare naked. I returned effort and undressed him in the same manner, caressing and kissing as I went. He tilted his head back, closing his eyes, indulging himself in all sorts of pleasant feelings and sensations I might spark in him.

With removing the last piece of his clothing he reached to his night stand for a small bottle with a surgical aid, smearing the gel over his fingers generously. We knelt, facing each other, reading from each other’s eyes for a brief moment. Then I leaned in for another kiss, embracing his broad shoulders.

He pulled me up to his lap, spreading my knees apart. Once I was positioned on him, sitting over his thighs, he caressed my rear, giving it some attention too. His hand smoothed slowly in between my butt cheeks, leaving a silky trail behind. His fingers reached my edge, teasing me with gentle pressure, entering me at a slow pace carefully.

I couldn’t but grab his cock, so I myself could feel his velvety soft length, his hardness and his crown, already wet with wanting. I brushed over the very tip, enclosing him with my fingers and stroking downward to the hilt, which elicited a moan and resulted in a playful bite to my lower lip. To feel him absolutely everywhere sent my heart racing, my breath short and my desire to the sky heights.

I pushed him down to ease myself on his shaft. I did it slowly to adjust to his size. He went with it and grabbed my erection instead. I wasn’t far from bursting into flames. Making out with him like that felt like novelty and in some ways it was. Seeing his eyes closed, his mouth gasping for air, his throat bare and open for attack and his chest, covered with little droplets of sweat, rising and falling in synchronicity with my movement, made me lusting for more. I was riding him at a steady pace. He was deep inside me and I’ll myself perish soon from overstimulation.

„Enjoying yourself, Will?“ he suddenly opened his eyes, they were shining with crystal clear shade of blue, flooded with desire.

„Y… yes.“ I wasn’t capable of coherent thought. Leaning over him I rested my palms on his chest, stopping my weight from collapsing onto him. He used the moment of weakness and turned us over, topping me, taking over the reins, thrusting into me hard. I rested my leg across his forearm, which gave him more space and to me more intense experience. My cock got trapped in between our moving bodies and I got trapped under Charles. We were a tangled mess and I felt marvellous.

As we reached the inevitable outcome, he embraced me yet again in his firm grip, biting my neck the very moment I raised to crescendo. I couldn’t but cry out truly loud, absolutely out of my mind, arching and squirming even in his strong arms.

A tethering golden aura shivered all over us. The unearthly light grew stronger the longer he was giving me his pure undisturbed attention. My vampiric eyesight enhanced the experience beyond reality.

The existence itself started to dissolve again, being dismantled in a tingling waves of familiar feeling, radiating from my very core and his very core to the last nerve ending and I was yet again weightless, mindless, melting under him, feeling his own orgasm inside and out, both our energies entangled and connected, leaving us breathless together.

His light sank into my physical self, tenderly healing any remaining injury from my latest encounter. A serene feeling settled in my heart afterwards, holding him close, our limbs wrapped around each other’s body. I was unable to move, nor use my brain. I just lay there, enamoured, spellbound in the afterglow for several endless moments.

After my senses landed back to Earth I realised that the event somehow depleted his energy, so I let him rest on my chest, focused on his breathing. He slowly drifted away, his mind shutting down. His aura was blue again, shining above his skin, almost as intense as in the very first moment after my transformation. He gifted me with a rare gift of another life back then.

I wondered if he was aware of the healing properties of the golden shivering power, the embodiment of our affection and love. If he felt it too whenever I touched him. I didn’t understand well at first what it was. The recognition followed soon enough and seeing the gold light emanating around him made me feel peaceful every time I witnessed such an event.

‚I’m aware.‘ I’ve heard his inner voice, resonating within my brain. He raised his head a portion to meet my hazel gaze. ‚It can get somewhat exhausting. Apologies for blacking out.‘

I cupped his fingers, lingering on my chest, with my right palm. ‚You literally gave me your life, twice. Please, don’t apologise for anything. You do that a lot, you don’t have to. He slugged me, but here I am and same for you. He could easily arrange and fulfil our demise, but here we are, together. We could hardly foresee his return.‘ I referred to the fact that his maker used me for a demonstration of his powers. Me, losing a lot of blood, preventing Charles in intercepting Adrien d’Aumont to the ends unknown. There are greater forces than us. I never thought I’m the invincible apex predator and I’m not starting now, that would be foolish.

I brushed through his hair gently, stroking his short curls. ‚You need to replenish your strengths, Charles.‘ I would feel better if he did so now.

‚Don’t risk yourself. We still have some cans from our good ally.‘

Yet he was in no hurry to do that.

‚All right… A shower, perhaps?‘ I was reluctant to move and ruin his sheets, but it might be too late for that.

‚Why yes, of course.‘ He simply picked me up, transferring us to his bathroom at the ground level. He let me slide from his arms slowly and my feet touched the cold surface of the copper bathtub.

I steadied him, because it drained him even further. He grabbed my forearm with a sigh. I almost said something but bit my tongue.

‚I’m good.‘ He blinked once and twice, restoring his senses.

He switched to shower sprinkler and turned on the tap. The waterfall wetted my head and ran over my shoulders, down to the drain. Charles sat at the curved edge of the tub, handing me the shampoo and soap. I chose the latter.

‚Charles, do you wish to participate or just watch the show?‘ I asked him in a playful tone. He’ll probably just collapse in the tub, but I can always pick him up too.

‚Participate.‘ He reached his arm towards me and I pulled him in, placing my hand at his waist after he swung his legs inside the tub.

‚Are you sure?‘ I really wasn’t…

‚I’ll show you how sure I am.‘ Oh, okay…

Strings of water were falling all over me, encircling my muscles, dripping down over my thighs. He took the soap from me and with a slightly tired yet still impish smile soaped his hands generously and with that done he ran his fingers over my front, cleaning the aftermath on my belly. His experienced hands stroked my exposed body caressingly.

He didn’t miss a spot and I, again, started feeling a netting knot of fire, spilling from my core to the very edges, leaving goosebumps all over me. The water kept running, splashing against us. My breath quickened as he kneeled in front of me, kissing me above my soft dark curls, grabbing my hips to steady himself in position. I moved the shower head aside, so the water didn’t flood his face. I felt his hot breath on my lower abdomen. He watched me with his brilliant eyes, when I dared to look at him, seeing his lips kissing me and his red tongue licking from the root to the very tip of my already hard cock. Covering the head with his mouth, he sucked at me and teased me only to take me deeper in his throat afterwards.

My hands touched the sides of his face tenderly, feeling the jaw work as he tried to adjust to my size. A very stimulating picture indeed. The mere sight of him on his knees made me weak. He closed his eyes, when I reached to his hair, grabbing what could be a handful, being it little longer, to lock him in place. His hands were still on my hips.

I pressed against him carefully, inching my cock down his throat. He didn’t fight me, on the contrary. He let go the grip on my hips, giving me the freedom to choose the pace. He caught the edge of the tub instead. I never thought I’ll desire to fuck his brains off like that. He looked overly vulnerable and so beautiful, his cheeks flushed pink and his exquisite lips in love with me.

It was very quick, especially with all the stimulus and I came in his mouth while pulling out. I didn’t want to hurt him and I stained his neck and his chest alike, while falling down to embrace him, touched that he let me do that to him without a single sign of protest.

„Will, what is going on?“ He asked me when I raised my head to look at him.

„I love you.“ I hiccuped, surprised by myself. He caressed my jaw in response to my clumsy touches.

„You trouble yourself too much over the smallest things. Nothing happened to me. I love you too, you are my life.“ He talked to me in the undertone he used to talk to wounded ones. His voice, his soft, even voice brought me back from the dark places many times and I wished to stay in our own place for a very long period of time. With him.

„Will, let’s finish this, before we run out of warm water.“ His thumb brushed over my lower lip, while he nuzzled my forehead.

I tried to catch my breath and compose myself again.

„Yes, let’s do that.“ We stood up together and I readjusted the shower, so the water splashed over his chest. Tilting his head back he stepped into the sprinkling stream. I made good use of the remaining time and washed him clean, feeling his wet skin and throbbing pulse under my hands. We would never leave the tub like that, wouldn’t it be for the water turning cold on us. He smiled when that happened.

„I see we’re done for now. Showers with you are an overly pleasant experience.“ He said, turning the tap off.

I was reluctant to leave the tub since he was kissing my lips, his hands resting on my lower back, damp and dripping. The cold surface under my feet clashed with the warmness of his touch. A chill ran down my spine, making me lean into his hands, which wrapped around my bum gently, then slid back along my ribs up to shoulder blades.

Knowing how I responded to his touch, he stopped for a moment, still with his tongue in my mouth. It elicited a humming noise on my part and then we disengaged.

„Thirsty, aren’t you? Let’s get you out of this chilly place and see what else I can do for you.“ I think I just stopped functioning on that remark. His generous offer made my heart flutter, but I understood he’ll be putting his well-being off again. I plucked a wet kiss over his lips and wiggled out of his hands to grab his bath sheet, covering his shoulders and wiping them dry.

„I won’t forget about that, I promise.“ I told him, running over his chest with my fingers carefully. „Take some rest first, I’ll catch up on you a bit later.“ He nodded, letting me go grab my own towel and disappear in the house.

I picked my clothes up and made his spacious bedroom look liveable again. Once he ascends to the second floor he won’t have to do a thing. I also lit the fire in his tiled stove and left the room to make myself more presentable. Some time later, when his footsteps faded out, I went through the manor to check and relock some less important points of entry. I also took his Webley-Fosbery, which he left in the main hall, and one of the amber medicinal bottles with crimson contents. With all that I re-entered his chambers just to find him in a very deep sleep in his bed.

He was naked and his hair was still a little damp. He managed to cover himself half-way up and with one hand resting on his chest he fell asleep instantly. I felt bad about waking him up, but he needed to eat and I already pulled the stopper out of the bottle neck. I put everything at the night stand, sitting down at his bed, which didn’t stir a reaction in him.

„Charles.“ His features remained relaxed, unchanged.

„You need to feed yourself, please.“ Having no other humane option I dipped my fingers in the fluid, dabbing the drops gently over his slightly parted lips.

„I know you are done, but please, wake up.“ I tried to persuade my utterly unconscious friend to ingest some nourishment. The direct contact with blood did the trick, dragging his wandering mind back. He opened his glassy eyes.

„Here you are. Take this, please, and I promise I won’t wake you again.“ I supported his head and brought the bottle up to his lips. He gulped it down without wasting a single drop.

„Thank you, Will.“ He whispered, half aware. I was putting the empty bottle at the table, when he addressed me again. „Will, please, stay.“ He asked me when I moved away a bit to deliver the task successfully.

„Of course. Charles, take some rest, I’ll be here right next to you.“ And before I finished my sentence, his eyes lost focus and closed again. His slow breath evened in healing sleep. „Good night, my beau.“ I leaned against the pillow silently.

Reaching for the gun I switched the safety off and cocked it by sliding the top half back and releasing it. Not that it can help against a particular persona but one can at least be prepared for alternatives, feel safer with a six-shot ready.

I observed Charles’s peaceful sleep until my own head drooped to the side and my eyes closed shut.