Letter 00: About Charles and William

This is a blog post about my original characters Charles de Romanet and William Anderson.

If you don’t want to read their life stories in advance, do not proceed. I’m always tinkering and correcting as the story lives on. This is just a brief description of the two men. It’s also not accurate as some stuff is made up or mentioned in earlier years of the 19th Century. I might change it eventually as I come up with new facts and discoveries, often to stir some dramatic events. That’s how my characters are built. It’s not original really, I didn’t get into their family history at all. And once I manage to draw them while being satisfied with the result I might change the included picture.


William Anderson

  • Born: 1862 London – East End, England
  • Middle class
  • No relatives alive (AFAIK)
  • Mother and father died during cholera epidemic
  • Soldier, medic
  • History teacher
  • Adventurer
  • 5’10“ tall
  • Athletic build
  • 73 kg, 160 pounds
  • White
  • Dark brown hair, wavy
  • Hazel eyes, vivid brown with shades of gold and green, goes fully green in various circumstances

William Anderson was raised by a good gentleman as his own son. Will has no family left as he lost them to the cholera outbreak. Old man probably knew his mother. Later on his protector dies and Will is on his own, yet he inherited some small fortune to keep him going. He already acquired some medical knowledge as he was taking care of people otherwise left to rot in East End hospital due to staff shortage, he was also taking care of the old man. Still way too young he joined military ranks with his good friend Oliver.

Will was and still is a smart and clever boy, reads a lot. More a philosopher than a soldier, but can defend himself and his mutuals without taking a sweat.

Progressive teacher of history in later years.

Travelled a world with Charles.

Charles de Romanet

  • Born: 1858 Paris, France
  • Nobleman
  • Mother and father in Colchester
  • Surgeon
  • Military surgeon
  • Adventurer
  • 6’1″ tall
  • Well toned in build
  • 82 kg, 181 pounds
  • White
  • Aristocratic features
  • Light blond hair with dirty blond accents, curly
  • Blue (as iceberg) eyes, going grey on occasions

Charles de Romanet (only Romanet in the 20th Century) is a nobleman from a French family. His father’s name means something in military and diplomacy circles. Charles’s relationship with family is somewhat complicated as he wasn’t favourite for his life choices. He wasn’t cut off his fortune though. Only son and heir. Highly educated and intelligent.

Very self disciplined and humble. He understands he is highly privileged. Reads a lot to keep up with a lot. Steady as rock. Helps unconditionally beyond his duty. Want to serve in a war as a medic to lessen the evil being done. French but fluent in English with no any French accent.

Travelled a world with William.

How they met each other

Charles and William met in the Second Anglo-Afghan conflict in 1879 in a field ambulance. William survived the ambush and dragged his friend from a battlefield, both were wounded by a grenade explosion. He helps Charles later on.

Digital/analog drawing painting.
I would like to have them better. Attempt no. 589789.
Let's have a height difference comparison.
Let’s have a height difference comparison.