Drawing Original Characters

So I’ve decided to paint digitally yet again. I sketched the idea down and experimented in three other attempts with position and details. Then I took the picture and uploaded it to my computer. I also took several reference pictures, containing some pillows, hand angles and red angry bird plushie, substituted for a focus point. It feels awkward but I’m getting used to it. It is also a lot quicker than searching through interwebs, which often ends up in admiring some actor/s and not paying attention to actual quests (Mads and Hugh are quite enthralling, you know).

I draw and paint my boys, some other stuff or Hanners at the moment. Hanner can wait a little longer so I picked my boys again and as the world tends to show it’s dark side all the time, especially via social networks, I felt the urge to paint them cuddled up, somewhat, if injured. Well, slug through chest is just a minor annoyance, when there is a vampire’s blood in your system, trust me. It is a part of the story I wrote in 2019 and then rewrote it in foreign language in 2021. The picture itself is called „Comforting a friend“ and it can go both ways. Because why not.

Excuse the bad anatomy et cetera. Also excuse all the copyrights. I know it is useless, but I prefer to type it in the picture anyway. I drew several sketches before I took the final picture and put it together in drawing software. I slightly changed my approach and with my first digital sketch I decided to use it and not go for clean lineart, which takes ages and I also didn’t plan to alter anything. I cleaned up the sketch a little and went for it. I might change my mind later or might not. Updates and repairs are possible.

I often start with basic skin colour and after forming some shapes and muscles with shadows and highlights I proceed to details like eyes or lips. I tend to keep back doors open, so I create a layer for every detailing or shading to be able to change it if necessary. I’ve been a master of layers since the web design phase of my existence. Creating numbered backups as I go is also a very useful skill and I can’t advise it enough. You’ll develop less grey hairs in the end if you incorporate such steps into your workflow.

I used some additional layers with sweat and skin under the shirt. I didn’t make anything perfect. Perfect would be art without lines and a lot more detailed. But I already spent a lot of time drawing and painting this one, so till next time. They are not as handsome and cute as they could be, because I cannot draw. Well, I keep on keeping on anyway :).

What have I been listening to while painting? Not that anyone asked, but I’ll tell anyway. And not that anyone can actually ask, since I removed the unused and misbehaving comment system some time ago. Let’s see. I’ve got a long 10 hours list of all sorts of music on Spotify, Rachel Maksy’s Youtube channel and last but not least I listened to the great and informative The Jeremy Brett’s Sherlock Holmes Podcast. My brain tends to wander into different worlds and my tastes vary with time. This is what I follow at the moment of writing down this post, and it helps a lot to see other people being obsessed beautifully about stuff I’m interested in. It’s just lovely assurance and they have tales to tell. I recommend it.