Creativity means a world to me

How I miss costuming, filming, LARP, parodies and all that with those beans. These pics are ancient from ancient video camera, phone and such. I was clothing whole crew back then, nobody had any money (no changes here), had a load of screenplays in my hand (and a chandelier in my head :D).

I still love all kinds of costume makers, LARPers, reenactors, cosplayers, admiring the freedom and skill, and seeking action if possible.

I stopped creating and fangirling (anything) for a long period of time back in the days, but it somehow started sneaking back at least via the photography and long lost hobbies. It makes me feel alive, you know. Pity I abandoned what I loved most, but I couldn’t help it, there was a deep dark void.

And when I see something beautiful, well crafted or somewhat related to my own experience I go and write at least a nice comment. It doesn’t matter if it gets lost in comment section. What matters is just letting people know, let the random person find something cheerful. So maybe, maybe they won’t feel that weird and alone.

Creativity and art are very important things to me, especially in 2020. Just a thought.

It is rather long post, I decided to put it on my blog.

Have a good one ♥.