Cave Update

I pampered up my room with various projects. The previous design wasn’t anything I would like to look at anymore. And I can do only that much. And believe me I would like to live in a mansion of historical significance in the middle of the woods far from civilization, surrounded by things that make me happy, but since it is quite impossible, I’m upgrading what I can in my nearest proximity.

Indy helped me tremendously, mainly by gifting things to me, like paint for my b-day, the little legs from an old sewing machine (they only sold those, full of spiders of course, the desk and the machine gone) and the lovely dark green armchair. Other stuff I gathered over a long period of time with help of other family members too. It looks much better than before.

I’m glad I have my beautiful library for the first time. My books were piled in the second hand furniture for a very long time. It worked well for approximately 14 years. Now I can see all the literature properly.


20 minutes of makeover projects.

Small update in the sixth minute of this video.