Cage setup for older rats

Newest clips with Cookie the rat and his cage. His lovely brother Theo passed away in peace at home in June. Cookie is very old rat, so he has ramps and steps everywhere, with water bowls on most of the shelves, two hidey houses he can choose from and two water bottles in lowest part of the cage. Cookie likes to chill in tube since he was a baby so I bought him bigger one in hardware store.

The towel on top of the cage is wet and acts as air conditioning during hot summer days. It helps keep the top shelf area cooler, so it is up to rat if he wish to sleep there or elsewhere.

Also I keep an eye on his weight and help him clean himself. Old rats have various health issues going on so it is necessary to have good veterinarian available in the area. Always consult with your vet, don’t rely on and don’t wait for advice from strangers online.